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Please alert us to any allergies to either lotions or skin care products prior to arriving for massage session or esthetician service.


Contraindications for Bamboo Fusion Massage

  • Alcohol use within the past twenty four hours.

  • A loss of sensation, including Neuropathy.

  • Diabetes, especially if uncontrolled.

  • High Blood Pressure, if uncontrolled.

  • Pregnancy, due to the increase in temperature.

  • Cardiac Patients caution due to pacemaker, no pectoralis work.

  • Varicose Veins, due to pressure and heat. The upper body may be worked.

  • Breast Implants, if done over the past nine months.

  • Sunburn, cold bamboo may be used.

  • Anyone taking medication, that is affected by heat.

  • Blood Pressure Medication, Blood Thinners (Aspirin, Coumadin any Anticoagulants) due to bleeding/bruising. 

  • Corticosteroids increases risk of Osteoporosis.

  • Heart Medications.

  • Pain Medications patient/client may not be able to be subjective.

  • Anyone under Chemotherapy/Radiation treatments, heat/pressure may create nausea.

  • Anyone suffering a Depressed Immune System, Lupus, Epstein Barr, Mononucleosis and Hiv/Aids.

  • Fibromyalgia, they may like deep or no pressure.

  • Parkinson disease, be cautious with pressure.

  • Fractures/Dislocations.

  • Skin conditions Eczema, back Acne (severe), Burns, Dermatitis, Herpes,Psoriasis, Skin Cancer and Shingles.

  • Multiple Sclerosis, heat can overstimulate electrical sensations in the legs, use cool or room temperature bamboo.

  • Children and the Elderly, are very sensitive to heat. 

  • Warning for any other illnesses/disease, please consult their physician, prior to bamboo work.

  • When in doubt/intuition do not perform Bamboo treatment.

  • Seventy two hours after injury or surgery, client must have authorization from their physician. 

  • When there are signs of inflammation; heat, pain, redness, swelling.


If the Massage Therapist's Intuition makes her doubtful or she is uneasy about giving a

Bamboo Fusion Massage to a client then she will refuse to do so.

Contraindications for Hot Stone Therapy

  • Acute Fever

  • Anorexia

  • Arrhythmia  Arrhythmia patients could be at an especially high risk when receiving a Heated  Stone Massage.

  • Cardiac, Liver or Kidney Disorders: The increase of circulation and detoxification may harm these organs if they are not healthy or damaged.

  • Children

  • Chronic Headaches

  • Chronic High Blood Pressure The increase in body temperature will increase blood pressure.

  • Diabetes

  • Dislike or Reaction to Heat

  • Epilepsy: The cause of this condition is still not known, however the increase of body temperature may trigger an attack.

  • Menopause: Use with caution, assess clients individually.

  • MS & Chronic Muscle Fatigue

  • Organ Transplants, By-pass Surgery,  Pacemakers

  • Osteoporosis

  • Pregnancy: Hot Stone Massage will increase the body's temperature, which may not be beneficial for the fetus.

  • Skin Infections/Open Wounds Heat is a significant catalyst for the growth, transfer and spread of infectious germs, bacteria and pathogens.

  • Tumors, Cancer & Lymphodema Heated Stone Massage, could spread cancer cells although no research has proven it. Also when under going chemotherapy the body is overloaded with chemicals, while the liver and kidneys are also overworked. Thus the immune system is weak and the body is more fragile.

  • Blood Thinners: People taking these medications bleed and bruise easily.

  • Muscle Relaxants: They make it difficult for the client to feel the depth of the pressure being applied, thus causing injury.

  •  Steroids & Long term Cortisone: Patients  tend to develop sensitive skin, which reacts significantly to touch, heat and pressure.

  • Varicose Veins: Heat and deep pressure to varicose veins are very dangerous.

  • Vasospastic Disease :(Spasms of the blood vessels).

If the Massage Therapist's Intuition makes her doubtful or she is uneasy about giving a Hot Stone Massage to a client then she will refuse to do so.


Contraindications for Pregnancy Massage

  • Please consult with your Health care Practitioner prior to massage.

  • First trimester

  • Fever

  • High blood pressure/hypertension

  • Preterm labor

  • Reflex points

  • Severe swelling (pitting edema)

  • Severe varicose veins or a history of vein wall relaxation or venous stasis or DVT ( a positive Homan’s sign).


Contraindications for Raindrop Therapy

  • Acute infections The body is already working on overload.

  • Allergies, particularly to aspirin.

  • Asthma

  • Blood thinners

  • Burns

  • Cancer

  • Children's skin is much more delicate and sensitive.

  • Compromised Immune System

  • Dermatitis

  • Diabetes

  • Elderly skin is much more fragile, underlying organs may no longer be functioning at their optimal level.

  • Epilepsy

  • Heart conditions 

  • Hypertension

  • Kidney Issues

  • Liver Issues

  • Photosensitivity/Phototoxicity

  • Pregnancy/Lactation many of these essential oil are toxic birch, peppermint and wintergreen

  • Skin irritation application of undiluted essential oils directly applied may irritate sensitive skin.


If the Massage Therapist's Intuition makes her doubtful or she is uneasy about giving a

Raindrop Therapy Massage to a client then she will refuse to do so.

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