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Lisa gave up her break, to give me another half hour, to complete what was originally booked by the concierges as a full body massage. 

Randee Busch

She gave me a wonderful massage and really helped me to relax. That experience was exactly what I needed - Thankyou!

Mandy Ray

Lisa  is a great massage therapist! She has a marvelous, comfortable way about her. Her personality (and skills) helped me feel completely relaxed and comfortable. She greatly enhanced our stay here in the White Mountains and we will certainly be returning to see her at our next visit! 

Christine & Peter Getchell

I received one of the best massages I have ever had pleasant, friendly and caring personality.

Carol Horton

Unusually excellent, personable and pleasant manner.

Michael  Trealeaf

Lisa enhanced my visit immensely with her lovely massage!

Linda Allen

Lisa enhanced my visit...she does a wonderful job and really relaxed me!

Janet Savard

Excellent massage! Good advice about follow up for my next session.

Hilary Neuman

She gave me wonderfully relaxing massage!

Flo  Botten

The massage was great,I am in heaven, very professional! Thanks again.

Barbara Beers

Excellent massage, very healing, Lisa is a wonderful asset to area hotels and resort amenities.

Melinda Lamor

Excellent massage!

Fred Horne

Received an excellent massage from Lisa

Barbra M. Workman

Excellent massage, very relieving. So knowledge and friendly. Absolutely great experience!

Kate Buckley

One of the best, if not the best of many massages I've had over the years.

Bill Cogswell

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