Aromatherapy Massage

A Swedish massage incorporating pure aromatic essential oils of the client's choice, inducing relation of the nervous system and a sense of well-being.

30 minutes: $45       60minutes: $85


Circulatory Massage

A therapeutic technique to restore and balance the circulatory system. Helping to stabilize blood pressure, directing blood follow its natural course and aiding the capillary networks.

Deep Tissue Massage

A medium to heavy pressure designed to increase blood flow, reaching underlying muscles deep in our body that are often the root causes of tension and soreness.

Swedish Massage (Relaxation)

A light pressure soothing massage using long, rhythmic strokes, that are designed to quiet the mind and relieve stress.

Sports Massage

A deep and specific muscle massage beneficial to any athlete.  Helpful in creating greater flexibility, using a combination of deep compression, stretching techniques, Swedish and trigger point.  Alleviates discomfort, increases circulation and relieves soreness.

“ You must be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Hot Stone Therapy

The heat and weight of the stones bring about a deep sense of relaxation, allowing for deeper work, while increasing blood flow, releasing tension and soreness.

Please see our contraindications list

Pregnancy Massage

Gentle and soothing massage to ease areas of tension and discomfort. Addresses complaints of low back pain, edema, leg cramping and improves circulation. Beneficial to both mother and child.

Please see our contraindications list

Pure Focus Massage

A customized thirty minutes treatment to a specific area of the body.


An ancient hands on healing technique, drawing on universal energy-creating balance, harmony, calming to the mind, body and spirit. Reiki may also be combined with other modalities, it is safe, gentle and effective for all levels of health.

Hand and Foot Treatments

This treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation, followed by an application of mud, a heated bootie or mitt is placed over the hand or foot, the mud is removed with warm towels and a nourishing body butter is massaged into the area. This treatment is both hydrating and stimulating to the circulatory system.

Herbal Foot Soaks

A relaxing blend of aromatic herbs for your feet to steep in, followed by a light exfoliation and a nourishing body butter.  A wonderful treat alone or add-on to any treatment.

Bamboo Fusion Massage

This is a deep tissue massage using warm bamboo sticks of various lengths. It helps to stimulate the flow of both blood and lymph, instills a deep sense of relaxation and we'll-being, makes skin more supple and pliable, regenerates and revitalizes and relieves tightness in both muscles and tendons.

Please see our contraindications list

Raindrop Therapy

A method of using Vita Flex, essential oils, reflexology, energy work and massage techniques on designated areas of the body to bring about structural and electrical alignment.  This treatment is both balancing and relaxing.

Skin Care

Salt Glow

A vigorous exfoliating treatment improving circulation, revitalizing the skin ,leaving it smooth and supple.  Followed by a thirty minute massage with a hydrating lotion. Please refrain from shaving prior to this treatment.

Sugar Scrub

A gentle exfoliating treatment leaving the skin velvety soft and silky, followed by a thirty minute massage with a hydrating lotion. Please refrain from shaving prior to this treatment.

Trilogy Massage Therapy and Skin Care

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